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Obtaining yout first license

A step-by-step guide for nail service technitian, hairdresser, barber, depilation master, eyebrow specialist, lash-master, cosmetologist-aestetitian.
Preparation of documents and filling out applications
Studying and successful passing of exams
Step 2
Step 1
You have the license! Only two simple steps to work legally in the US beauty industry.

Help with existing licenses

If you already have a beauty license in one of the states and need to transfer it to another state, renew or resolve any other issue.

Openning of your own salon

If you are planning to open your own salon, start hiring employees and attract more clients

Opeening of a beauty school

If you want to teach, conduct workshops for beauty tichnitians or open your own school in the USA, click more
Customer reviews
Barber, Washington
Kristina, your consultation is a real treasure. We have recently moved to US, preparing of the paperwork is so complicated and terribly exhausting. I am grateful to you for your job done, how you give all the best during the consultations, how informative is every minute during the video call. As a result, I have all the statements, a clear plan of action, no doubt about the preparation of documents, as well as preparing myself for the exam. Thanks a lot! All technicians should know about you!
Manicurist, Georgia
Thank you very much for the advice and follow-up information. You cannot imagine how that consultation with you helped me yesterday. Everything was sorted out and your associative rows are so to the point, that everything turns clearly understandable. You have a talent for explaining, and it is clear that you enjoy the process of searching/explaining/communicating with clients. It's worth a lot. Thanks again and keep in touch.
Manicurist, California
Kristina, thank you very much for your work! For your lessons! I'm so glad that I found you! With your help, preparing for the exam is easy, stress-free, because I knew that there is a person nearby who knows her business, and I could turn to her. After all, this is very important when English is not your first language, and the whole system in the States is completely different from any of CIS countries. It is very hard for me to figure out all documents and regulations. And in general, I want to say that you'll spend a lot of time in the analysis of topics, documentation, and stuff like that. It is way easier to let the professional do her job. Thank you.
Manicurist, California
I want to thank you so much! You have done an impossible thing! I contacted you 4 days before the exam, with zero knowledge. I could not imagine that we could gain such results, and pass the exam! I am very grateful to fate that I found you! You are very good at stuffing knowledge into the brain! Exactly “stuffing”. Long story short — a teacher from God
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